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A few words from clients:

I am so grateful to have Integrative Therapeutics as a wellness partner. Todd is a master at his PT craft. He has helped get me back on the sports playing field after various injuries to my knee, hip, and shoulder. I love the exercise program he tailors for me to do at home to continue my recovery. I still do the exercises as a preventative measure even after the treatment is done.  Janine is a wonderful and knowledgeable acupuncturist. Whatever I come in with needing, she has a needle for it! I have received benefits I didn’t even know I needed from her excellent care.  

Miriam and Julia are always friendly and helpful when I call for an appointment. This team is a great! I highly recommend them.    TD

I found Sara and Integrative therapeutics after five months of a difficult recovery from knee surgery (ACL repair and meniscus repair).   My previous PT was not working and my doctor recommended finding a new physical therapist.   Taking a recommendation from a close friend thankfully I found Integrative Therapeutics.   After my first visit, I finally felt understood and that my program would be targeted to my specific situation.   Sara provided a healing environment for both the physical and emotional challenges that are part of any knee surgery recovery.   I am almost fully recovered, including skiing again in January, thanks to Sara and Integrative Theraputics.


I’ve been a client of Todd Forman’s for 16 years. I’ve come on and off over time as Todd has allowed me to manage the discomfort that comes and goes as a result of my scoliosis and thoracic dysfunction.  Prior to meeting Todd, I spent years going for massages, seeing numerous doctors searching for something more than short term relief.  What initially amazed me about Todd and continues to keep me reaching out to him first for any new or recurring discomfort or pain is how rapidly and accurately he can assess and then treat what my body is feeling. I truly feel like after asking a few questions, having me move around a bit and a few minutes of hands on he is like a living x-ray/MRI machine and can see right into my body and isolate the pain and treat it immediately.  Unlike other PT’s I have gone to, Todd includes a hands on therapeutic approach and manipulation and concludes with a list of home exercises he has me practice and review in his office accompanied with clear written instructions.  I have found Todd to be more intelligent, thoughtful and more results oriented than any other medical provider I have encountered, and I have a son with significant special needs.  He is a unique medical provider and I have known many others who find the same truly remarkable results and relief thanks to Todd.     LF

I was referred to Integrative Therapeutics while suffering from a very painful sciatica. I have tried many  other possible venues ranging  from traditional health providers through acupuncture. Nothing really helped. Todd was very fast in diagnosing my case and then laying out a course of treatment. He was  a miracle worker - every visit resulted in substantial pain reduction and the course of exercises that he prescribed for me also contributed to my progress. The treatment has been very successful and since then I became his "convert". I stick to my exercise regimen and currently can  do things that i was not able to do 20 years ago. I see Todd occasionally for an adjustment and lead very active sports life. I introduced my family and friends to Todd's practice and they have benefited greatly. I could not recommend him and his practice  more highly!    TS

I have recommended Todd Forman, physical therapist to my friends, my colleagues, and my husband and they have been as pleased by the results they have gained as I have been.  Todd is gifted in many ways.  He has a strong deep knowledge of anatomy.  He is an educator and shares his knowledge with you.  He has an array of physical therapy techniques at his disposal.  He demonstrates firm, gentle or nuanced touch when called for and always checks in how it is feeling to you at the moment.  He is committed to his work and I feel encourages you in many ways to share the collaboration with him by doing your exercises that he gives you.  These exercises are rehearsed beforehand in his office, written out and given to you and gone over with him the next time you see him to ensure you are doing it right. He taught me a lot about pain management and movements I should or shouldn’t make as well as learning how to cope with pain effectively.  He answers every question you pose to him with respect and invaluable information.  I am always amazed at his way of knowing how to release muscle spasm by touching another part of the body that is actually triggering the spasm.  You get all his individual attention and you can trust you are in excellent hands.

 You can count on him for seeing you through difficult moments.  I am grateful to Todd that I am without pain and feel much stronger and more secure in my own body.      PM

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