How We Are Handling the Epidemic

In response to the COVID-19 Epidemic, we have made several changes to our operation. 

For the moment, the office is open for essential physical therapy services only.  We are spacing appointments out, so there should be only one client in the clinic at a time. 

Our clinicians will wear masks and gloves during appointments, and we ask that clients wear masks for appointments as well.

We ask that clients with any symptoms of illness (fever, cough, sore throat, difficulty breathing, sudden loss of taste/ smell) refrain from coming to the office.  Similarly, if clients live with someone with any of these symptoms, we ask that you please refrain from coming to the office. 

For those in need of physical therapy or acupuncture services, but are unable to come to the clinic, we are also offering “telehealth” services.  Please see below for more details.



Expert PT Intervention Online

Clients who require PT services but are unable to come to the clinic during the epidemic can still access our expert clinicians via “telehealth” visits.  During a “telehealth” visit, our clinicians will connect with you via live video, allowing us to visually assess your problem, recommend self- treatment options, and instruct you in corrective therapeutic exercise.  More information regarding pricing and insurance coverage is below. To schedule a visit, please email Todd Forman, PT, DPT at

Blue Cross Telehealth Coverage

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts covers telehealth services for physical therapy during the Covid-19 crisis.  Services are completely covered- copays and deductables will not apply for the duration of the epidemic.  To schedule, email Todd at 

Medicare Telehealth Coverage

For the moment, Medicare only covers telehealth visits for clients who have started their therapy in the office.  For clients in this circumstance, the service is completely covered. To schedule, please email Todd at

Private Pay Clients

For our private-pay clients, we are offering 30 minute telehealth services for $55. To schedule, please email Todd at



Integrative Therapeutics, Inc. continues to offer acupuncture and herbal medicine consultations online!


Janine Agoglia, licensed acupuncturist, can schedule a virtual visit online via live video chat. During the session, she can instruct you in self acupressure treatment for the same issues she would normally treat in person.  30 minute sessions are $55.  To schedule, please email Janine at


Janine Agoglia, licensed acupuncturist, is also offering herbal medicine consultations online via live video chat.  To schedule, please email Janine directly at


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