When you get a massage at integrative you can be confident in knowing that your therapist has a solid education in anatomy and technique and years of experience in treating all types of bodies and conditions.

Our massage practice focuses on the structural needs of the physical body and the clearing and balancing of the emotional body.  Sessions are geared towards goal oriented results.  The goal might be relaxation of tense muscles, stress relief, increasing range of motion and flexibility, improving athletic performance, pain relief, rehabilitation after an injury or surgery, clearing of the energetic systems, or any combination of the above.  We encourage a communication between the client and practitioner to decide which goals to work on in a session.   We use many different techniques to achieve those goals and we tailor each session to meet the individual needs and desires of each client.

Communication is important for achieving positive results so please make your therapist aware of any limitations or concerns you have, as well as disclosing any medical conditions or injuries you are being treated for or have had in the past.  Everything that transpires in the treatment room is confidential and your honesty with your therapist will help you to achieve optimal results with minimal complications.

We use all natural non-staining silky creams and lotions instead of sticky oils that can stain and become rancid. However, hypoallergenic jojoba oil (which never goes rancid and is the closest thing to the skin’s own natural oils) is available for those who have severe skin sensitivities or allergies. These mediums are unscented but can be blended with essential oils, creating personalized aromatherapy to suit the client’s preference and the desired outcome.  Our tables are heated and double padded for added comfort, and we use flannel sheets for comfort, warmth and modesty.

Please contact us at Integrative Therapeutics with any questions you might have about our massage program or to schedule an appointment at 508-647-3200.

No Tip Policy

Integrative Therapeutics has a strict “no tip” policy for all massage and bodywork services. As we believe that you are entitled to excellent service, we have instructed our staff to politely refuse gratuities from clients.


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