Massage Therapist

Mary Corbet Hernandez, LMT,OMT, joined the Integrative Therapeutics team in 2011, after graduating from The Cortiva Institute of Massage Therapy. She recently completed an additional Certification in Orthopedic Massage and now integrates this training with other techniques, such as myofascial release and neuromuscular therapy, to provide comprehensive therapeutic massage sessions. With a fundamental understanding of musculoskeletal injuries and the compensatory movement patterns that occur with such injuries, she works to provide pain relief, ease of mind, and a more balanced posture in order to achieve more lasting results. She welcomes all clients, especially those with tendonitis, scoliosis, general hip pain, general back pain, TMJ pain, rotator cuff strains, and other related conditions.
You can reach Mary by calling the main office at 508-647-3200 or via email at .


(508) 647-3200

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